Mortgage Rates Dip Down Again and New Applications Rise

Home Buyers Considering if the Time is Right to Buy - Real Estate Buyers

Tell Your Buyers the Time is Now!

The Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would wait to raise interest rates has mortgage rates dipping back down, following a rise over the past month. So with home prices still on the rise, the Time is Right for buyers to pull the trigger on that house they’ve been looking at.

Learn the specific mortgage rate changes month over month and year over year in this full real estate article by the Washington Post.

Inman Says RE Agents are Under-Investing in Facebook and Search Engine Marketing

Real Estate Marketing with Facebook - Inman Study Shows Agents are Under-Investing

Real Estate Professionals Missing Best ROI Study Says

Z57 has been on the forefront of Facebook marketing and search engine marketing for real estate, and an Inman survey confirms the value in these 2 avenues as reported by agents on the ground. Most real estate professionals are focusing their marketing efforts on listing portal websites, which the survey reveals as being a poor Return On Investment. Article on the recent survey found here.

Get ahead of the curve and maximize your marketing dollars, just like Z57 agents and Brokers are doing every day!  Get a Free Demo Today

New Study Crushes Myths About Baby Boomer Real Estate Moves

Baby Boomer Woman Enjoying Her House and Garden

Most of What We Thought Is Wrong, Year Long Study Shows

Baby Boomers usually downsize when they move, live near people their own age, move to sunny climates, and renovate their home for aging concerns (bathroom grab bars, widened hallways) … Right? Wrong, says a year-long study done by Merrill Lynch.

Learn what baby boomers really want in real estate and ditch those outdated stereotypes, so you can more effectively serve this huge market segment of buyers and sellers. Read the full article on this real estate study.

Great Visual of 2015 Real Estate Market Factors

Z57 Shares Real Estate Market Trends for 2015

Share with Your Buyers and Sellers so They Know the Battle You’re Fighting for Them!

Like almost every real estate professional has experienced, Z57 agents and brokerages can face the challenge of educating buyers and sellers on current market factors without making them feel overwhelmed.

This easy to understand chart helps lay out market influences in a way that shows what real estate agents are working with and against daily for their clients.

Image from

Generate More Leads and Sales Out of Your Open House This Weekend

Real Estate Agent Showing Couple a House for Sale and Using Tablet for MLS Listing Alerts

Real Estate Agent Showing Couple a House and Using Tablet for MLS Listing Alerts

This Weekend Ditch That Open House Guest List

What your open house visitors really want is to know when listings they love hit the market. And what real estate agents want is to be the first one called when buyers are ready to talk. So this weekend use a laptop, tablet or even your smart phone as your open house guestbook, having visitors sign themselves up for MLS listing alert emails.

That way you’re both Capturing the lead and Nurturing it over time. And if you have access to IDX listing alerts (like many Z57 agents do), then every listing email the buyers receive will be branded to you and list your contact information!

Find Out Why You’re the Best Real Estate Agent, Then Tell Your Clients!

Stand Out - Why You're the Best Real Estate Agent in TownA Simple Writing Exercise Helps You Focus in on Your Strengths and Unique Value

What do you really bring to the table of a real estate transaction? Are you telling clients the right message about your value and these skills? Try this writing exercise meant to help you clarify your unique value proposition, and then brag about it to new and existing clients!
Tell prospects why you’re the best choice real estate agent for them.

How Agents Can Grow Their Reach, Their Business and the Real Estate Industry

The Ecosystem of Real Estate - Large Tree with Branches and Sunlight 2Be a Part of the Real Estate Ecosystem

Getting involved in the real estate industry at large or your local community is relatively simple, but many real estate agents only do so in limited ways and many even dread it.

It’s all perspective though, because being an active, contributing member of the real estate ecosystem has real short term and long term benefits.
Learn more here about how you can grow your branches, influence and business.

5 Great Tips on Marketing Real Estate to Millennials

Real Estate Purchase by Millennials - Z57 Shares Marketing to MillennialsYou HAVE to Understand Millennials to Earn Their Business

Larger than the Baby Boomer generation, the first wave of Millennials are hitting the real estate market. Z57 real estate agents and brokerages are finding this untapped resource to be well worth going after, even though they respond much differently to real estate marketing than buyers and sellers in the past. But build that trust effectively, be open and helpful, and you’ve got a client for life.

Read the full real estate article with 5 Millennial Real Estate Marketing tips here.

Is Your Brokerage Using the Best Tech Solutions?

Z57 REALTOR® Using Z57 Marketing Tools to Effectively Manage and Nurture Her LeadsZ57 Hits on All Points

Any tech solution a real estate brokerage uses has to work well for its agents, the real estate clients, and the brokerage itself. Agents need to be able to effectively capture new leads and nurture their current leads, and the system has to be easy to use for home buyers and sellers. And of course brokers want to make sure they can route leads to the best-suited agent, while tracking progress and sales.

Z57 delivers on all recommendations listed in this Realty Biz article. How does your brokerage’s technology solution measure up?