Holiday Charity and REALTOR® Self-Promotion: Do They Mix?

Charity at the Holidays - Z57 Shares Tips for The Real Estate ProfessionalThe Do’s and Do Not’s of Mixing Charity with Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate professional, effectively networking and cultivating your sphere of influence often means getting involved in the community. But associating your brand image with charity and holiday giving can backfire if done incorrectly.

Z57 shares these 5 real estate marketing tips for making the most out of being good at the holiday season or any time of the year.

And kudos to the REALTORS®, agents and Brokers who are making a difference!

Boston Hits Record High Total Real Estate Value of $100 Billion

Boston Real Estate Hits a Record Total Value of $100 Billion - Boston GlobeBoston’s Real Estate Value Doubles in Just 12 Years

With both the market data and Z57 clients reporting real estate property values rising in almost all regions of the U.S., Boston’s rising values have helped it hit a record new high for the city’s total real estate worth: over $100 Billion. Who are the real winners though? With increased assessment values and property taxes, some area businesses will be feeling the crunch at tax time.

Read the whole article at The Boston Globe.

Will Only “Specialized” RE Agents Succeed in an Amazon-Style Market?

Everything Store of Real Estate - Inman News Article - Z57 Real Estate Blog PostAn Amazon-Style Real Estate Market May Be Coming Soon

Real estate agents have had to adjust how they present the value of their services as consumers now have easy access to MLS listing data. This shift, along with competition and the economy of scale, may have the real estate market heading toward more of an Amazon or Wal-Mart model. To maximize efficiencies and still retain value in the eyes of home buyers and sellers, agents will likely need to become specialized.

With feedback from our real estate professional clients across the country, Z57 hears of plenty of agents still doing well as full-service agents and brokerages. According to this interesting article from Inman News though, the nation’s lowest-producing agents may soon need to focus on providing a specialized role in the real estate transaction process, as “big box store” style brokerages force down real estate commissions.

Roller Coaster Open House Gets Buyer Attention

What’s Next? Z57 Partners with Disney?
“This home showing is fun! . . .And does the roller coaster come with the house?”

Z57 thought this home seller’s roller coaster was an innovative way to get buyers into your house, as well as a guarantee that they won’t be lingering behind in a home tour!

No partnerships between Z57 and Disneyland or between RE/MAX and Magic Mountain have officially been announced, but we’re excited to see the creative way this home seller is getting attention for his home. If any of his neighbors are thinking about listing their homes and attracting buyers, they’re now probably thinking the cookie platter might not cut it.

New Predictions for the Hottest Real Estate Markets of 2015

Hot Real Estate Markets for 2015 -

Hot Real Estate Markets for 2015 –

Just Released This Week, Will These Be the Best of 2015?

Z57 is confident that certain real estate markets will outperform 95% of all other U.S. markets in 2015, and believe that Trulia is likely right on most accounts in their “Top 10 List”. Citing job growth and a healthy labor market as the factors that will drive real estate transactions in these top 10 cities, having a large population of “Millennials” also helped bump up some of these cities/markets as well.

Read the full story and analysis here.

Inflated Home Appraisals May be on the Rise

House on Stack of Money - Inflated Home Appraisals on the Rise

House on a Stack of Money – Inflated Home Values?

Wall Street Journal Reports Issue as Being Widespread

Home appraisers are feeling the pressure to appraise houses at higher than market value: Almost 40% surveyed have felt this pressure recently, a new study reveals. The study also showed that 1 in 7 home valuations examined between 2011 and 2014 were inflated by 20% or more.

Z57 encourages our real estate professionals to keep an eye out for this disturbing trend.

Read more on the brand new real estate study at the Wall Street Journal.

Tis the Season for Home Buyers to Have a Pricing Advantage

Z57 REALTOR® Showing a Home to Buyers

Z57 REALTOR® with Buyers

Holiday Time is a Buyers Market

Despite the price increases we’ve seen across most residential real estate markets in the U.S., there is a silver lining to be a buyer at this time of year. Many sellers who still have their home listed want to close before the end of the year, whether it’s for tax reasons or to avoid the competition of the surge in listings typically added in January. This translates into some rare, good pricing leverage for home buyers, who have otherwise often had to submit bids higher than asking price in quite a few desirable markets.

Z57 recommends that buyers take advantage of this seasonal ray of sunshine, and feel confident negotiating the price they want with the help of a skilled real estate professional.

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Holidays are The Best Opportunity for Growing your Sphere of Influence

Family Handshake - Real Estate Networking at the Holidays

Holiday Networking – A Friendly Handshake

Maximize your Holiday Networking Efforts!

Z57 agents, REALTORS® and Brokers are strengthening current ties, getting their name in people’s conversations, and putting the word out about their happy clients.

Be The Name your sphere of influence thinks of when they next buy or sell a home!

Use these holiday networking tips for a more successful 2015: