Get More Real Estate Referrals in 2015

Z57 Real Estate Agent Helping Buyers Find a HouseShow Your Buyers the Way to a Good Mortgage for a Great Relationship

There’s no need to be a mortgage expert, or to hand-hold your buyers through the entire loan process, but you can still make a big difference. When real estate agents successfully convey to home buyers that they want them to get a good mortgage rate, and give them some feedback about options and the mortgage process in general, this can go a long way to building trust and strengthening the agent-client relationship.

This is an excellent opportunity to increase both repeat business and client referrals, because you’re showing that you want a home purchase that’s good for the buyer in the long term. Read the full real estate article about this opportunity here.

Balancing Your Time Between Real Estate Clients

An Overly-Picky Homebuyer Can Eat up Time for Real Estate AgentsWhy NOT to Count Too Much on 1 Real Estate Transaction

Home buyers can change their minds about buying a house of course, but after a real estate agent has invested time, energy and money on the home search, this can be a big let-down.

Learn what to watch for, and why you shouldn’t over-invest in any 1 real estate client in this Wall Street Journal article.

Real Estate Agent Housing Experts for Military Families

Military Family Needing Help with Real Estate Mortgage Info for VeteransHow to Effectively Serve This Growing Market

Z57 knows many real estate professionals are eager to be the go-to agent for the growing market of military families, and this Inman News article highlights the basics. Aside from knowing your local market and appreciating each client’s individual situation, there are some details of VA loans that many veterans don’t even know about.

If you do well as the friendly, knowledgeable real estate and VA loan expert that these military families need, then the referrals will come pouring in.

The Ups and Downs of Pop-Up Condos

Pop-Up Condo on V Street in Washington D.C.Trendy D.C. Neighborhoods Battle it Out

With single family homes in popular Washington D.C. neighborhoods priced at $700k+, developers are looking up for solutions. But some homeowners think these new towering “pop-up condos” damage the neighborhood’s charm. Homeowners, developers, lawyers, REALTORS┬«, and community leaders all hash it out, but it really comes down to zoning.

Read the full Washington Post real estate article here.

Hyper-Local Home Search Apps Using Open Data

Woman in City Using Cell Phone to Find Real EstateZillow Housing Hackfest Spawns Innovation

This week’s “Hack Housing” event in Zillow’s Seattle headquarters generated some interesting mobile apps that use Open Data to help homebuyers find local real estate listings. The winning app will help consumers find hyper-local listings near where the consumers are most often located (for work, shopping, dining, etc.).

The event focused specifically on apps using government open data to help serve the housing needs of first-time homebuyers, low-income renters and senior citizens. Z57 encourages you to learn more and see all the winning apps by visiting the full real estate tech article here.

The “Uber-Agent” of the Future: Easy to Access and High Tech

Uber Driver and Real Estate Agent - Z57 Has Uber Solution for Modern REALTORSHow an Uber-Style of Real Estate is the Future

Being a real estate agent by day and an Uber driver by night could either make you crazy or full of excellent cross-market ideas. This Inman article describes how consumers’ demand for easy-to-use technology and effective client account management is helping shape the future of real estate, just like it has done for the taxi industry. Will you have the skills and tools to be an “Uber-agent”?

The future is now at Z57! Our real estate professionals are effectively Capturing and Nurturing leads with tools that are easy for both agents and consumers to use.

Zillow Will Change, but Not Kill, The Real Estate Agent’s Role

House Sold by Owner - Zillow Changes Real Estate Agent Role - Agents Now Consultants“Real Estate Consultants”

Z57 has been sharing how the real estate agent’s role is evolving as consumers are able to access home listing data more readily, and Zillow also comments on this new role for agents in this article.

Instead of just providing information about what listings are on the market, real estate professionals will need to promote the value of their services as an expert in the local real estate market and in real estate contracts.

Real Estate Agent Safety Apps Hit the Market

Real Safe Agent - Z57 Shares New Real Estate Agent Safety App ReleaseBut Will They Really Help?

Z57 welcomes the introduction of apps designed to keep real estate professionals safer when showing listings, and there are a few of these apps hitting the market. But their effectiveness relies on both the real estate community’s involvement and a home buyer’s willingness to jump through some hoops.

The apps use an uploaded image of the buyer’s driver license as identity verification, but assuming criminals can’t access fake id’s in 2015 may be a bit naive. Agents can also request the prospective buyer submit to a background check if they wish. It will be interesting to see if non-criminal consumers are willing to submit to a background check to see a listing, or if they’ll just call a different agent.

Z57 hopes more agent safety apps will bring more competition, more innovation and meaningful tools to help keep real estate agents safe on the job.