$96 Million Online Real Estate Deal Breaks All Previous Records

96 Million Real Estate Purchase of Manhattan Towers - Largest Online Transaction EverLargest e-commerce Transaction of Any Kind. Ever.
The $96 online purchase of the Manhattan Towers office buildings in the Manhattan Beach area of Los Angeles, CA late last month was the single largest e-commerce transaction of any kind ever, and was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

Z57 real estate agents and brokers see an increasingly higher % of real estate marketing being done online in the past 10 years, and now some types of real estate transactions are being done completely online. The $96 million Manhattan Towers purchase was an auction for a commercial property, which makes it much different than a traditional residential real estate deal. And while this trend is growing most residential transactions will never be 100% online. But any record-breaking real estate deal is always great to hear about!

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Online Vacation Rental Websites Spur Workforce Housing Shortage

Vacation Homes in a Colorado Ski TownColorado Vacation Towns Now Calling it a Housing “Crisis”

Employees of resorts and other tourist-support businesses are having a hard time finding housing in Colorado’s vacation towns, according to a new report by the ski industry. Property managers are even seeing potential renters offer higher than the monthly rent just to compete for the limited housing on the market.

Home owners’ use of websites like AirBnB and Homeaway may be a major contributing factor. The vacation towns of Breckenridge and Durango are already responding with new policy and regulations.

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“Know Before You Owe” Mortgage Forms Mean Better Protection for Home Buyers

Home Ownership - Real Estate Agent Helping FamilyForms are Good News for Buyers, but N.A.R. Says Add 15 Days to House Contracts…

The 2 new “Know Before You Owe” federal mortgage forms replace 4 existing forms, and their use will be required starting October 3. Experts across both the real estate and mortgage industry agree that these forms provide additional clarity on the mortgage terms, which should help protect home owners from surprise charges.

Though actually a simplification and reduction of current mortgage application forms, the change over will likely cause a delay for many home purchase closings (at least temporarily).  N.A.R. recommends real estate professionals add 15 days to contracts to accommodate for the delay.

See the Fed’s official comparison of the old forms and the new “Know Before You Owe” forms here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/knowbeforeyouowe/compare/


Hot Hamptons Real Estate Market Takes a Cold Shower in Q2

Hamptons Real Estate Market Tanks in Q2 - Home for Sale in the HamptonsSo Goes All U.S. Real Estate? Not Quite.

The ever-popular “Home in the Hamptons” just got cheaper. A lot cheaper, because a 7% discount off a $1.6 million house isn’t pennies. Real estate in the Hamptons, NY dropped a steep 7% in value in Q2 2015, and the transaction volume plummeted by a whopping 16%.

Is this the beginning of the end for the U.S. housing recovering and boom? Is this the first of many bubbles to pop? The media and elite who traipse through Hamptons parties each summer would have you believing so, but they have also historically over-emphasized the importance of celebrity real estate moves in this exclusive market.

Real estate lifestyles of the rich and famous are more media market perception than actual market indicators, so this may just be “market bubble-popping” talk over popping the bubbly.

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Real Estate Job Growth Boosting the Local Economy

New Shopping Center in Orange County CA - New Construction and Huge Real Estate-Related Job Growth25% of All Jobs Created in Orange County, CA!

Contributing to new economic growth across the U.S., jobs related to the real estate industry are also a major factor in the recovery of local economies.

New jobs data shows a whopping 1 in 4 of all new jobs created in the past 5 years in Orange County, CA were in the real estate trades. This includes jobs created in real estate firms, as well as construction, lending, building services, architecture and engineering.

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A Powerful Real Estate Brand – Why and How to Build One

Real Estate Brand Experts - Selling New YorkLearn from Brand Experts and the Stars of HGTV’s “Selling New York”

Solid advice on defining what your real estate brand has to offer, the specific home buyers and sellers you’re trying to reach, and then of course it’s all about the relationships. Following the example of Kleier Residential, stars of “Selling New York”, learn 6 great brand building tips that will help you focus on the right parts of your real estate business.

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Mortgage Applications Bounce Right Back with Rate Drop

Mortgage Applications Rise as Rate DipsMortgage Rates Back Up, and Purchases are up 32% from 1 Year Ago!

Good news for the real estate market from last week’s mortgage rate data, as reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association. Not only did mortgage application volume bounce right back after rates dipped, but applications for new purchases are actually up 32% compared to 1 year ago!

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Hundreds of Italian Vacation Homes Available for $0 – TLC Required

Italian Vacation Houses for Free - Some Work Required - Real Estate FunThe Homes Are Actually Free, but It’s 3 Stories of Reno

Everyone wants a free vacation, and a free vacation home… What could be better? The Italian mountain village of Gangi is giving away hundreds of homes for absolutely free, with 1 catch: These fixer uppers must be renovated to be livable within 4 years. And there may be some century-old animal smells lingering; the first and second stories of these 3 story farm houses (called pagglialore) were traditionally occupied by donkeys and chickens.

Good thing “rustic” is in, as this may be the perfect time to get your own authentic, rustic vacation home in Italy.

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