Mortgage Choice Act Passes House, to Increase Access to Mortgages!

US Congress Passes Mortgage Choice Act 4-16-2015

NAR Says This is a Good Thing for Home Buyers

Making mortgages more accessible for home buyers is important to keep the real estate market moving. The U.S. House of Representatives passing the Mortgage Choice Act helps clarify rules that went into effect last year designed to safeguard borrowers from risky mortgages.

Once this act passes the Senate, then consumers will be less restricted in their choice of mortgage brokers.

See the full mortgage news article and comments by NAR here.

Make Every Hour Count to Maximize Real Estate Business Growth

Real Estate Agent Time-Management Tips to Maximize Your Business

These Time-Healthy Habits Can Also Reduce Stress

Real estate business can often be urgent and time-sensitive, and many appointments are scheduled on the fly. So how do you plan for the unknown and get 14 hours of work done in a 10 hour day? Unfortunately you can’t.

BUT: By planning ahead for what you know is coming each week and maximizing your resources, you can be better prepared for those last-minute showings or even closings gone sideways.

The most successful people are usually masters at time-management, whether we’re talking about real estate professionals, heads of corporations or even super star athletes and performers. So make your days both more productive and less stressful, not by over-scheduling or planning down to the minute, but by recognizing patterns in your weekly schedule and effectively using the resources you already have at hand.

See all 5 real estate agent time productivity tips here.

Higher Interest Rates Can Be A GOOD Sign About Real Estate

Suburban House - Rising Mortgage Interest Rates Would Reflect an Improving Economy

Why to Feel Fine About a Bump in Interest Rates

Many real estate professionals, including Z57 real estate agents and Brokers, are concerned that a rise in mortgage rates could slow down the housing market. But a new Forbes article by Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American, sheds some light on what a higher interest rate could mean. The Federal Reserve has said that they will only raise rates when the economy shows signs of strength, so a rise in the rate means that several key and convincing economic indicators are showing solid growth.

Read the full Forbes real estate article here.

As the Number of REALTORS® and RE/MAX Agents Surge…

Crowd of Real Estate Agents

How Are You Standing Out from the Crowd?

We’ve just seen N.A.R. membership jump 6% in one year from March 2014 to March 2015, and RE/MAX just hit 100,000 agents… Wow and congratulations! But as an individual real estate agent or a small brokerage, how do you stand out?

Z57 agents and Brokers get exposure with home buyers and sellers early on, and then keep in the front of them until they’re ready to go. Showing consumers that you’re the expert in a number of areas, from contracts and the local market to home staging and area traffic trends, will help them see value in working with you.

It’s all about showing value over a period of time without bombarding people before they’re ready to work with an agent, so nurturing that lead. Z57′s contact management and automated marketing tools make it easy and track-able.

See the real estate press release about RE/MAX and N.A.R.’s impressive member numbers.

2nd Home Sales Break Records as Economy Recovers

Luxury Beach House - Vacation Home Purchase

Highest Volume Ever and Record % of Total RE Transactions

Making up a whopping 21% of all real estate transactions and jumping up 57% in volume in 2014 over 2013, the vacation home market is on fire.

“It’s an indication that the pent-up demand is coming to fruition.” says Cape Cod, MA real estate agent Steve Clay.

Read the full Bloomberg real estate article with statistics.

Mortgage Rates Dip Down Again and New Applications Rise

Home Buyers Considering if the Time is Right to Buy - Real Estate Buyers

Tell Your Buyers the Time is Now!

The Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would wait to raise interest rates has mortgage rates dipping back down, following a rise over the past month. So with home prices still on the rise, the Time is Right for buyers to pull the trigger on that house they’ve been looking at.

Learn the specific mortgage rate changes month over month and year over year in this full real estate article by the Washington Post.

Inman Says RE Agents are Under-Investing in Facebook and Search Engine Marketing

Real Estate Marketing with Facebook - Inman Study Shows Agents are Under-Investing

Real Estate Professionals Missing Best ROI Study Says

Z57 has been on the forefront of Facebook marketing and search engine marketing for real estate, and an Inman survey confirms the value in these 2 avenues as reported by agents on the ground. Most real estate professionals are focusing their marketing efforts on listing portal websites, which the survey reveals as being a poor Return On Investment. Article on the recent survey found here.

Get ahead of the curve and maximize your marketing dollars, just like Z57 agents and Brokers are doing every day!  Get a Free Demo Today

New Study Crushes Myths About Baby Boomer Real Estate Moves

Baby Boomer Woman Enjoying Her House and Garden

Most of What We Thought Is Wrong, Year Long Study Shows

Baby Boomers usually downsize when they move, live near people their own age, move to sunny climates, and renovate their home for aging concerns (bathroom grab bars, widened hallways) … Right? Wrong, says a year-long study done by Merrill Lynch.

Learn what baby boomers really want in real estate and ditch those outdated stereotypes, so you can more effectively serve this huge market segment of buyers and sellers. Read the full article on this real estate study.

Great Visual of 2015 Real Estate Market Factors

Z57 Shares Real Estate Market Trends for 2015

Share with Your Buyers and Sellers so They Know the Battle You’re Fighting for Them!

Like almost every real estate professional has experienced, Z57 agents and brokerages can face the challenge of educating buyers and sellers on current market factors without making them feel overwhelmed.

This easy to understand chart helps lay out market influences in a way that shows what real estate agents are working with and against daily for their clients.

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