Real Estate Agent Safety Apps Hit the Market

Real Safe Agent - Z57 Shares New Real Estate Agent Safety App ReleaseBut Will They Really Help?

Z57 welcomes the introduction of apps designed to keep real estate professionals safer when showing listings, and there are a few of these apps hitting the market. But their effectiveness relies on both the real estate community’s involvement and a home buyer’s willingness to jump through some hoops.

The apps use an uploaded image of the buyer’s driver license as identity verification, but assuming criminals can’t access fake id’s in 2015 may be a bit naive. Agents can also request the prospective buyer submit to a background check if they wish. It will be interesting to see if non-criminal consumers are willing to submit to a background check to see a listing, or if they’ll just call a different agent.

Z57 hopes more agent safety apps will bring more competition, more innovation and meaningful tools to help keep real estate agents safe on the job.

Top 200 in Residential Real Estate Just Released for 2014-2015

Residential Real Estate Top 200 of 2014-2015 - Swanepoel Power 200#1 Oversees 25% of U.S. Home Sales!

Z57 would like to congratulate all the residential real estate movers and shakers who made the Swanepoel Power 200 list. Of note are Richard Smith, whose companies touch a staggering 1 in 4 home sales in the U.S. (talk about market influence!), and Helen Howard Casey of Howard Hanna Real Estate, who is the sole woman in the top 20.

1st Real Estate Agent Approved by FAA for Drone Listing Pictures

Real Estate Agent 1st Approved by FAA for Drone Use with Listing PicturesCongratulations to the 1st FAA-Approved Agent!

Z57 has shared previously that some real estate agents are using drones to take aerial photos of listings, but it seems this was a gray area where the FAA is concerned. The FAA has issued the occasional cease and desist order to agents, but to this point has not pursued enforcement or fined anyone.

But now Arizona real estate agent Douglas Trudeau has paved the path for other agents to be officially approved by the FAA for taking listing pictures with a drone.

Read the full article about this fascinating real estate tech development here.

Make Your Real Estate Video Count!

Z57 Shares Real Estate Video Tips from Inman News - Internet Real Estate MarketingGet Buyers Engaged with These Video Tips

We all know that some videos pull us in and some are easy to click away from, but what’s the difference from the production side? What goes into making an engaging real estate video is partly the quality of the house itself, but presentation can make it or break it in the viewer’s eyes.

Use these tips on shooting great video for real estate and make the most out of your next listing video.

5 Factors That Will Help the 2015 Real Estate Market

2015 Real Estate Picture - Z57 Gold House KeysA Better Market for Buyers and Low Mortgage Rates Top the List

It seems the contributing factors that helped strengthen the 2014 real estate market will continue to do so in 2015 for most U.S. regions, and some hot local markets will really shine. Lower gas prices provide less of a long term impact than most consumers realize, but they still can help in the short term by increasing a potential home buyer’s monthly disposable income.

Learn which hot local markets to watch for and why, and other reasons why real estate is in for another solid year in 2015. Read the full article here.

Happy Holidays from Z57! – Positive RE Market Outlook for 2015

Christmas Presents from NAR and The Fed - Real Estate Market in 2015 - Positive ForecastNAR and The Fed Give Christmas Presents of Good News

Just in time for the holidays, both the National Association of REALTORS® and the Federal Reserve predict the U.S. real estate market will be looking good through 2015.

Continued low mortgage rates, the normalization (leveling out) of home value appreciation, and shrinking foreclosure inventories all point to a positive real estate market in 2015.

This week the Fed reported the U.S. GDP grew at a rate not seen in over a decade, which has the stock market breaking a record high. Voicing parallel positivity about the current economy and that of 2015, NAR also predicts a solid real estate market in 2015 despite ongoing restraining factors.

Holiday Charity and REALTOR® Self-Promotion: Do They Mix?

Charity at the Holidays - Z57 Shares Tips for The Real Estate ProfessionalThe Do’s and Do Not’s of Mixing Charity with Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate professional, effectively networking and cultivating your sphere of influence often means getting involved in the community. But associating your brand image with charity and holiday giving can backfire if done incorrectly.

Z57 shares these 5 real estate marketing tips for making the most out of being good at the holiday season or any time of the year.

And kudos to the REALTORS®, agents and Brokers who are making a difference!