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Happy Thanksgiving



Turkey and Football and Naps, Oh My!
I hope you are as excited for the holiday as we are at Z57. The trifecta of delicious food, quality time with family and friends and football is hard to beat!

With Thanksgiving comes a focus on togetherness, family and home – another trifecta that creates a beautiful setting for your marketing efforts.  How you ask? Try these techniques:

i. Add taglines to your listings that highlight the holiday season: For
example, if you have a great family home, you could add a photo of the dining area
with a tagline that reads “Picture carving the turkey with your loved ones in this
beautiful family home.”

ii. When staging or showing a house, add a little holiday flair: Viewing a
house is similar to test driving a car. The prospective buyers are feeling it out to see
if they can picture themselves living in the home. The easier it is to
visualize a happy occasion in the home, the better response you’re going to get.
Take a few minutes to set up some festive décor – set the dining room table or hang
a fall wreath on the front door.

iii. Use Thanksgiving to generate social content: Keeping your fans up-to-
date with current information that is relevant to the season is a great way to build
credibility as a local expert! Use this national common ground to engage your fans.
Ask them to share their favorite Thanksgiving dish or holiday tradition. Post fun
crafts your fans can do with their kids or share your favorite recipe. You can even
highlight different charitable efforts that are going on around your community.

The more you engage your clients, the better the chance they’ll come to you or refer friends and family to you when they need a quality Realtor®

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