ZPro Specialist Corner with Alexis Davidian

Alexis is a worldly adrenaline junkie – she’s traveled to six out of seven continents and has set a goal to go cage-diving with great white sharks. She’s also an extraordinary ZPro Specialist who teaches Realtors® how to generate huge success for their business. Her favorite part of being a ZPro Specialist? Alexis says, “I get to interact with clients one-on-one and get to learn about their market and their business. It’s great to have a job where I know that I’m teaching people things that will directly impact their business and make them successful. I get to build relationships and help people all at the same time – that’s very rewarding!”

Alexis is the lucky ZPro Specialist who graduated our 1000th grad, Chris Emmett. (See the full story here). Alexis found it very exciting to work with Chris. “He was just starting out and really followed the program. He got about 200 leads inside of two months with borrowed listings. Not only did he grow his business but he really impressed the other agents at his brokerage by generating refferrals and driving business,” says Alexis. Not only did Chris get a strong start for himself, but he created strong rapport with his fellow agents. Great work Chris!

During our chat, Alexis also took some time to share some her insight on how Realtors® can  make the most of their Academy coursework and use it to grow their business. Her lesson is simple, but it’s very important. So important in fact, that it’s often overlooked. So Alexis, what’s the secret to success?

“Follow up with your leads,” says Alexis.
Well that seems easy – right?

Simple – true. But the fact is, often times Realtors don’t effectively follow up and it costs them a significant amount of business. Think about it this way… if you get a lead that you don’t follow up with you miss out on potential commission. If that same lead referred their sister-in-law and best friend to you, you would have missed out on three commission checks. If you don’t follow up with lead A, you won’t get lead B and C.

We understand that following up can be a bit time consuming at first. Here are some tips from Alexis on the best way to capture a lead and turn them into a client:

According to The Yankee Group, 40-80% of new business leads are not converted to sales simply due to a lack of follow-up. What does this mean to you? You need to:

a. Follow up as soon as possible: Chances are, your lead is checking out
multiple resources. If you let days pass between when a potential lead submits
their information to your website when you contact them, the likelihood of you
being the first Realtor they speak to dramatically reduces. In fact, a recent Trulia
webinar suggests that if you call a lead within five minutes of registering on your
site, you have an almost 100% chance of reaching them the first time! Set up text
alerts through your MCC for new leads and call them immediately!

b. Keep trying: Called once and didn’t get an answer? Left a message and no one
called you back? People are busy. Try calling again. Often times, it may take five or
six calls before you get ahold of your lead. A brief conversation gives you enough
information to know what they’re looking for and how you can help.

c. Follow up in different mediums: So you called and didn’t get ahold of
anyone. Just like some people learn better by writing than listening, others prefer
email or online communication to the phone. Enroll the lead in your drip email
marketing campaigns. Find them on Facebook and request them as a friend. Let
them know you’re here and you’re responsive. Timlieness is very important when
it comes to real estate transactions so prompt replies and multiple avenues are
great resources in landing new clients.

d. Keep yourself organized: Schedule time every week to make sure you’ve
followed up with all of your existing leads. Don’t let them slip through the cracks.
The longer you put something off, the harder it is to accomplish so make sure there
is always a block of time in your schedule for lead follow-up.

e. Do what you say you’re going to do:  Did you have an initial conversation
with a lead and tell them you’d email them information about financing or details
about your listing, then got busy and forgot to do it? Reach out to them and let you
know you haven’t forgotten about them. In a situation like this, if you’re having a
very busy week, it’s best to at least send a brief reply and let them know they are on
your radar and you’ll get to it as soon as you possibly can. Be sure to always make
tasks like these a priority. Dropping the ball once early in the game can cause a
potential client to lose confidence in you very quickly.

f. Stick with the good leads: Sometimes clients get upset when they get a bogus
lead. It is frustrating to follow-up with someone who was being dishonest to access
your website – but don’t let it get you down. Did they provide a full name? Look up
their number in the phone book. Still can’t connect? Delete the bad lead and move
on. Don’t waste valuable time worrying about a bad lead when you could be
connecting with a good one!

Follow these steps and you’ll be closing deals in no time!

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