Z57 Sneak Peek: Why Hire a ZPro

Congratulations!  If you’re reading this, that means you’ve either graduated Z57 Academy or are well on your way to becoming a marketing expert. It also means you’ve invested in yourself and in your business. You’ve dedicated yourself to take the time to learn about current marketing trends and how to apply them to skyrocket your success. Most importantly, it means you are leaps and bounds ahead of the average Realtor®, making you extremely valuable to your potential clients.

So how do you show your client that you’re the best choice?
We know you’re the best Realtor® in your area and we want to make sure your future clients know that too. In order to make sure potential clients understand what it really means to work with a ZPro Designated Realtor®, we’re developing a great new resource that you can add to your agent site.

We’ve created a page called “Why Hire a ZPro” that shows your potential clients how your services go above and beyond those of “The Other Guys.” We’re preparing two different versions – one for agents who primarily work with buyers and another for agents who primarily work with sellers. You’ll be able to select your page of choice based on your preference and your page will highlight specifically what you can do to provide excellent service for your clients. It will also show them what “The Other Guys” can do –  and man do you have an edge on the competition!

We’ll be unveiling these pages in the near future.
In the meantime, be sure to keep up the great work and to keep track of all of your successes. Being able to provide future clients with solid examples of a job well done can really impact your ability to sign on solid, qualified clients.

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