Message from the ZPro News Desk

Did you hear the exciting news?
Z57 has completely revamped our customer service setup to give much more individualized support to our clients! From here on out, you have access to your very own support team and will be working with the same few individuals every time you call or email Z57.

Why is that exciting?
Because your support team will offer consistent support for your every need. Your team will get to know you and will personalize your support to help you meet your business goals. Haven’t met your team yet? Give us a call at 800-899-8148 and we’ll introduce you!

We’ve also got some really exciting news to share but we’re going to have to keep it hush-hush until January. All I can tell you now is that it is a big change and you’re going to like it a lot. Enjoy the suspense!

2 thoughts on “Message from the ZPro News Desk

  1. Thanks Z57… I was leaving and you invested back into me!!! You encouraged me to attend some webcasts…. I have had several successes!!! I had a personal rehab home that I put on the market. I was getting very few showings but was contacted through the Z57 process by a couple. They purchased the home. Sold the property myself.

    I have other buyers and sellers that only came through Z57. I will have three closings in December 2011 because of Z57 systems and processes!!!

    Thank you Jason Griffin… my Z57 coach!!!

    Ken Vaughn
    RE/MAX Results – Fort Wayne, IN

    • Excellent Ken! Congratulations on your success. I shared your comment with Jason and several of our managers. It’s great to hear success stories. We’re excited to see more success for you in the future.

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