Just For Fun: Halloween Edition

Just for fun, we put together a Pinterest-style list of some of our favorite things we’ve found around the web this October. It includes everything from cute costumes to awesome pumpkin carvings and even some great food and drink ideas! Each image is linked back to the website we found it on so feel free to click on anything you want to learn more about. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Fun Pumpkins:

So creative!

Marshmallows as teeth – what a great idea!

Costume Ideas:

For your little one…

Going to a costume  party as a couple?

super hero dog costume

Don’t forget Fido!


Food and Drink:

Halloween Cookies Recipe

Great for a halloween party, open house  or to take to the office!

Candy Corn Drink

For the kiddos – Candy Corn Punch!

Halloween Punch recipes for your Halloween party

And let’s not forget the grown-ups – Vampire Punch!

Crafts and Party Favors: 

Monster Centerpice

Spool ghouls!


Martha Stewart party favors

Halloween Jokes: 

Bookmarks you can print out for the kids!

Har har har…

Happy Halloween Black Cat Clip Art Comment
from the Z57 team!

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