Lead Follow-Up: Engaging the 90%

It takes 5 times the amount of time, money, and energy to find and service a new customer then it does to maintain and service an existing customer.
 Are you taking advantage of existing clients? If you’re like many REALTORS®, the answer is not as well as you could be. NAR stats show that approximately 90% of buyers and sellers would definitely work with their agent again – are you getting repeat business? If you’re missing out, be sure to follow the three simple steps below to stay in touch with past clients and take advantage of repeat business.

1. Connect on Facebook:
Connecting on Facebook is a great way to stay front of mind with your past clients. If you haven’t already had your client like your business page prior to closing a transaction, be sure to ask them to do so. Ask for a recommendation as well – it will display prominently on your page and will help other leads identify you as a strong agent.

2. Consistently Follow Up:
Connecting on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, but it is also a good idea to give your past clients a call every six months or so to see how they are doing. Find out what their favorite spots in the neighborhood are or what they love about their home. Doing so will show that you are not just an agent trying to make a commission, but you are sincerely dedicate to your job and to helping your clients achieve their goals.

3. Send Personal Communications:
A little goes a long way. When special occasions and holidays come around, make sure to keep your past clients on your mailing list. Mailing a card with a brief handwritten note will only take you a minute and only cost you a few cents, but it will surprise your past client and may trigger referrals and repeat business.

All three of these follow-up techniques are simple and either free or very inexpensive. Putting reminders in your calendar for follow-up calls, Facebook requests and special occasion mail are great ways to generate referrals and to take advantage of the 90% of buyers and sellers who would definitely work with a past agent again.

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