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The holiday season has arrived and December is right around the corner.

For REALTORS® – this can be a tough time of year to try and sell a home. Hours in the day are short, the weather is cold and people are spending more time indoors. So how do you make the best of the blustery time of year with your home showings? RE/MAX of Northern Illinois shared their tips in a RISMedia article published in December of last year.

Step 1: Provide plenty of convenient parking – It’s cold out – people aren’t going to want to walk far in inclement weather, so be sure to take their trek into consideration while planning out your winter showings and open houses.

Step 2: Don’t let it get musty – A lack of fresh breeze in the home can make for a musty scent. Be sure to use a fragrance if needed and encourage your seller to clean frequently – every three to four days – to keep the home smelling fresh.

Step 3: Decorate – A few holiday decorations can do a lot for a potential buyer. Setting a scene that makes it easy to envision a home as a place you’d like to spend a comfortable holiday can make the difference between hesitation and a sale.

Step 4: Outdoor maintenance – Make sure the path is shoveled and the walkway looks well-kept to make a good impression.

Step 5: Condo Preparation – If you live in a condo and your HOA hasn’t done their due diligence in clearing the pathways, help them out to make sure the presentation of your home is not minimized.

Step 6: Keep it Comfortable – Don’t crank the heat – you don’t want your potential buyers to be uncomfortable. Keep in mind that they may wear a coat during the showing and keep the thermostat at around 65 degrees.

Step 7: Closet the Winter Clothes – Be careful not to have sludgy boots and warn scarves, hats and gloves laying all over the entryway of the house. Find a nice (hidden) spot to keep the seasonal clothes.

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