Hundreds of Italian Vacation Homes Available for $0 – TLC Required

Italian Vacation Houses for Free - Some Work Required - Real Estate FunThe Homes Are Actually Free, but It’s 3 Stories of Reno

Everyone wants a free vacation, and a free vacation home… What could be better? The Italian mountain village of Gangi is giving away hundreds of homes for absolutely free, with 1 catch: These fixer uppers must be renovated to be livable within 4 years. And there may be some century-old animal smells lingering; the first and second stories of these 3 story farm houses (called pagglialore) were traditionally occupied by donkeys and chickens.

Good thing “rustic” is in, as this may be the perfect time to get your own authentic, rustic vacation home in Italy.

Read the full article on this real estate fun here.

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