Z57 Wacky Listing of the Month – July 2015

Mobile Home with View - Z57 Wacky Listing of the Month July 2015What’s the Best Title for This Wacky Listing? Yes, it’s actually on wheels.

Submit your suggested title in the Comments below. The funniest title gets a $25 Amazon gift card!

Funniest title to be selected by the Z57 Marketing team.

3 thoughts on “Z57 Wacky Listing of the Month – July 2015

  1. Stunning Victorian-Style trailer, complete with 4 walls and scenic bathtub! Meant for only the the highest class of trailer dwellers.

  2. Live off the grid with this quaint,Gypsy caravan complete with a spacious master bath. You’ll feel like you own the whole outdoors as you relax in your soaker tub. This beautiful property comes complete with a ‘rain shower’ to gently soothe your soul on days when it is raining. You have to see this little beauty before it gets snatched up!

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