Message From the ZPro News Desk

What a year 2012 has been.

We hope you’ve had a happy, healthy and prosperous year and are looking forward to more great things to come in 2013! This issue of ZProPress is a bit different than our standard format. This month, we’d like to take this opportunity to revisit the past 12 months and share all the things Z57 has accomplished.  Without further adieu, please enjoy the Z57 2012 Year in Review.

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Z57 2012 Year in Review

We hope you all had a very happy holiday. As we head towards the beginning of a new year, we take time to reflect on 2012 and we’ve got lots of reasons to celebrate. Let’s take a look back at what 2012 meant to Z57.

Z57 2012 Year in Review




  • Z57 employees volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank




  • Z57 client wins our Spring Into Action contest and receives a free month of Z57 website hosting
  • Z57 celebrates the 1 Year Anniversary of Z57 Academy


Z57Go Logo


  • Z57 employees take a break from the heat with a visit from the ice cream truck!






Thank you for sharing 2012 with us. 
We’re thrilled to have you on our team. Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

Message from the ZPro News Desk

The holiday season has arrived and December is right around the corner.

For REALTORS® – this can be a tough time of year to try and sell a home. Hours in the day are short, the weather is cold and people are spending more time indoors. So how do you make the best of the blustery time of year with your home showings? RE/MAX of Northern Illinois shared their tips in a RISMedia article published in December of last year.

Step 1: Provide plenty of convenient parking – It’s cold out – people aren’t going to want to walk far in inclement weather, so be sure to take their trek into consideration while planning out your winter showings and open houses.

Step 2: Don’t let it get musty – A lack of fresh breeze in the home can make for a musty scent. Be sure to use a fragrance if needed and encourage your seller to clean frequently – every three to four days – to keep the home smelling fresh.

Step 3: Decorate – A few holiday decorations can do a lot for a potential buyer. Setting a scene that makes it easy to envision a home as a place you’d like to spend a comfortable holiday can make the difference between hesitation and a sale.

Step 4: Outdoor maintenance – Make sure the path is shoveled and the walkway looks well-kept to make a good impression.

Step 5: Condo Preparation – If you live in a condo and your HOA hasn’t done their due diligence in clearing the pathways, help them out to make sure the presentation of your home is not minimized.

Step 6: Keep it Comfortable – Don’t crank the heat – you don’t want your potential buyers to be uncomfortable. Keep in mind that they may wear a coat during the showing and keep the thermostat at around 65 degrees.

Step 7: Closet the Winter Clothes – Be careful not to have sludgy boots and warn scarves, hats and gloves laying all over the entryway of the house. Find a nice (hidden) spot to keep the seasonal clothes.

Z57 Releases Z57Go App for Android

SAN DIEGO, November 28, 2012 — Z57 Inc., a leading provider of real estate Internet marketing and social media services, introduces the Z57Go mobile app for Android – a downloadable tool that allows agents the freedom to manage their website, leads, listings and more from their mobile device. The Z57Go app, which has been available in the Apple App Store since July, is now available for Android. To date, Z57Go has had a very healthy adoption rate among Z57 clients, proving that applications designed to promote productivity away from a desk provide agents with a welcome change and a boost to overall efficiency. This Android release will allow a larger audience of busy agents to take advantage of the benefits of mobile productivity.

The National Association of REALTORS® reports that two-thirds of all buyers and sellers will work with the first agent they interview. Z57Go users have a distinct advantage in converting their new leads into clients with built-in app features that make follow-up quick and easy. When a new lead is captured on a Z57 agent website, Z57Go immediately sends a push notification to the agent’s mobile device with the lead’s contact information and one-touch call and email options. The Z57Go App also provides the convenience of adding and updating listings, managing leads, sending marketing communications and updating agent information from any supported mobile device.

“Mobile device adoption continues to rise dramatically among US consumers.” says Z57 CEO Ryan Whitlock. “We want our clients to experience all the benefits mobile has to offer – including the freedom of managing their website and marketing while working out in the field. Z57Go for Apple and Android allows our clients to do just that. As mobile usage continues to rise, Z57 will continue to offer cutting-edge mobile tools to enhance our client’s mobile reach and productivity.”

About Z57 Inc.
Founded in 1998, San Diego-based Z57, Inc. is an internet, social media and mobile marketing company for real estate professionals. Z57 offers lead-capture enhanced websites, modern marketing tools and cutting edge social media and mobile products. In additional to all of the products and tools needed for a successful marketing strategy, Z57 also offers clients enrollment in Z57 Academy – a revolutionary training program that teaches clients how to use Z57 products and services to generate business success. For more information about Z57 Inc., visit

Facebook Adds “Get Notifications” Option to Business Pages

Facebook recently announced that there is a new opportunity for businesses to make sure their content is being seen by their fans. Beginning this week, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Get Notifications” that allows page fans to opt-in to receive a notification every time the business page they “Liked” is updated. In order to opt-in for notifications, the page fan must hover over their “Liked” icon and click on “Get Notifications” (see photo above). Once selected, every time the business page posts a new status, changes a photo, and more, the subscriber to the page will receive a notification on their Facebook page.

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Lead Follow-Up: Engaging the 90%

It takes 5 times the amount of time, money, and energy to find and service a new customer then it does to maintain and service an existing customer.
 Are you taking advantage of existing clients? If you’re like many REALTORS®, the answer is not as well as you could be. NAR stats show that approximately 90% of buyers and sellers would definitely work with their agent again – are you getting repeat business? If you’re missing out, be sure to follow the three simple steps below to stay in touch with past clients and take advantage of repeat business.

1. Connect on Facebook:
Connecting on Facebook is a great way to stay front of mind with your past clients. If you haven’t already had your client like your business page prior to closing a transaction, be sure to ask them to do so. Ask for a recommendation as well – it will display prominently on your page and will help other leads identify you as a strong agent.

2. Consistently Follow Up:
Connecting on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, but it is also a good idea to give your past clients a call every six months or so to see how they are doing. Find out what their favorite spots in the neighborhood are or what they love about their home. Doing so will show that you are not just an agent trying to make a commission, but you are sincerely dedicate to your job and to helping your clients achieve their goals.

3. Send Personal Communications:
A little goes a long way. When special occasions and holidays come around, make sure to keep your past clients on your mailing list. Mailing a card with a brief handwritten note will only take you a minute and only cost you a few cents, but it will surprise your past client and may trigger referrals and repeat business.

All three of these follow-up techniques are simple and either free or very inexpensive. Putting reminders in your calendar for follow-up calls, Facebook requests and special occasion mail are great ways to generate referrals and to take advantage of the 90% of buyers and sellers who would definitely work with a past agent again.

Happy Halloween from the ZPro News Desk

Happy Halloween!
The time has come for pumpkin flavored food and drinks, falling leaves and spooky Halloween plans. Fall is a great time for real estate because as an agent, you have so many opportunities to really connect with your clients and prospects. As you set up your open houses throughout November, be sure to incorporate touches of fall to help your prospects picture what their lives would be like if they decide to call your property their new home. Add some fall décor, use fall scented air fresheners, put a pumpkin or two on the front steps, even add some Halloween decorations or provide a bowl of candy for your visitors. Though small things, a little slice of home can mean the difference between a prospect walking through a generic home without taking much interest versus them moving forward with a transaction.