2013 – A Year in Review

Happy New Year from all of us at Z57!

We hope you’re having a fun and safe holiday season and have had the opportunity to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. We’re very grateful to have you as a valued client and are extremely excited for a prosperous 2014.

To close out the year, we’d like to share our top five triumphs of 2013.

  1. Launching PropertyPulse
    Our biggest accomplishment of 2013 was the launch of PropertyPulse – our brand new, streamlined marketing platform. PropertyPulse is beautifully designed and provides all the tools you need to stay connected to today’s web, social and mobile savvy buyers and sellers. PropertyPulse is the only all-in-one real estate marketing platform that includes an integrated social media marketing manager along with modern, customizable websites, robust lead and listings managers, built-in marketing tools, training resources and in-depth analytics. If you’re looking for a way to put your best foot forward in 2014 and would like to learn more about all the great features PropertyPulse has to offer, leave a comment below or give us a call at 800-899-8148.
  2. Charity & Fun
    turkey bowl
    At Z57, we live by 5 core values – one of which is to have fun! In September, we had our annual Battle of the Bay and hilarity ensued. Obstacles included a hula hoop bat spin, egg toss, potato sack race and more! Client Development took home the trophy for the first time in the history of the games. In November, we had our annual Turkey Bowl. All the competitors got their chance to roll a frozen bird down the parking lot to take down as many pins (aka water bottles) as possible and after a few frames, the team with the top score won a cash prize! We collected cans to fund raise for prizes and were able to donate 600 pounds of food to the San Diego Food Bank – creating 489 meals for members of our community. Nothing beats a combination of teamwork, fun and giving back!
  3. Launching the New Z57.com
    z57 site
    Our corporate website was so 2012… so we decided it was time for a makeover! On May 12th, 2013, the new Z57.com was born. We welcomed a fresh new look and feel along with in-depth product information on our new marketing platform, details on our many training resources and easy access to customer support. To complete the makeover, we added easier site navigation, more ways to reach us and much more!
  4. Support & Training for Busy Agents

    We know how busy your schedule can be, so our goal is to provide training and support that is convenient for you. In April of 2013, we introduced our new interactive webcasts Webcasts are scheduled on a weekly basis – giving you the freedom to choose when you have time to go through training. No more rescheduling appointments! In addition, if you miss one, it’s simple to hop onto the registration page and reschedule for a time that works better for you. We also added our online Help Center that provides links to tons of support resources as well as in-depth printable tutorials that you can access anytime – day or night. Want easy access to all our support resources? Be sure to bookmark the Help Center: www.GoZPro.com 
  5. Helping Our Clients Become Successful
    2013 has been a big year with a lot of forward momentum in taking our product and services to the next level but our biggest accomplishment is hearing from our clients that we’re moving in the right direction. Bill Jordan said “I’m in the early stages of changing to the new format. This upgrade is really going to give me a more polished, professional look and it’s head and shoulders above anything my competition has going for them.” Thanks Bill – we’re excited to see what kind of great results you get with PropertyPulse. We’re looking forward to hearing more and more of these success stories in the days, weeks and months to come. If you have a success story to share –  please click here.We look forward to continuing to providing results-driven tools and training to help you excel in 2014. 2013 brought a lot of exciting changes, product additions, service options and more. If you’re interested in learning what’s new, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-899-8148.

Thank you for taking this journey with us in 2013. Have a happy, healthy new year!

Message from the ZPro News Desk

Happy Turkey Day!

I bet you can’t wait to gobble gobble gobble up all that holiday meal deliciousness – I know I can’t!  Make sure to enjoy your time with friends and family celebrating and enjoying your holiday. I’ve just got one small favor to ask you before you go into a food coma – give this month’s ZPro Press a read! We’ve got some great content including a marketing checklist to help you stay on track through the holidays, social posting ideas for December and much more!

Check it out:

Get Involved This Holiday Season

By Estus Taylor, ZPro OnDemand Consultant

thanksgivingThe busy days of spring and summer have wrapped up for another year and the winter months are rolling in. As business starts to ease up a bit, it is important that we don’t follow suit. These down months provide a perfect opportunity to continue to stay in front of our prospective clients, past clients and family & friends – and one of the best ways to stay engaged with your book of business during these wintery months is to toot your own horn!

With the holidays fast approaching, many companies and people alike are focused on spreading good cheer. Is your brokerage sponsoring a canned food drive? Are you volunteering your time to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the less fortunate? Of course you are! Don’t be modest – post status updates and photos announcing your charitable involvement on your Facebook page! Be sure to include a call to action that both challenges and encourages your audience to get involved and help serve the community. Start a conversation about volunteer opportunities in your area, ask your fans to report back on how they plan to help and continue the conversation by providing specific ways your fans can contribute. You will be surprised at how quickly the discussion will grow.

Don’t stop after Thanksgiving – make sure to continue your efforts throughout the holiday season.

You can:

You can also use your Facebook page to showcase your knowledge as a local area expert by posting local school holiday plays, festive holiday events in your community, the streets with the best lights and decorated homes – really anything that ties into the holiday season that would be interesting to other locals.

Be a shining example of how one person can have a positive impact on their community and spread holiday cheer to your clients and prospects!

Happy Holidays

ZPro Spotlight: Ashleigh Ledoux

By Max Barrett, Manager Client Development

ashleigh 1

For this month’s spotlight, I sat down with our Z57 OnDemand Team Leader, Ashleigh Ledoux.   Ashleigh started her career at Z57 nearly three years ago as a ZPro OnDemand Specialist.

What Z57 core value do you most embody?
Honestly, I focus on all five –  but “Positive and Inspiring” is the one I most relate to.  This core value is critical to our success in Client Development and has also been a major focus for me in my personal life.  Success is a challenge and something that you reach for in life. I have had to grow a lot to get where I am today and staying positive when I face challenges has kept me motivated to achieve my goals.

Where do you find your inspiration?
ashleigh 2Many places! Definitely my husband, who also works at Z57 as a Senior Executive Internet Consultant – but I’m also inspired by the New York Yankees and the San Diego Chargers –  they keep me motivated.  The Yankee’s have long symbolized hard work and determination – “Pride, Power and Pinstripes” says it all.  The San Diego Chargers have long been underdogs but they are also a symbol of hard work and determination. The Yankees have a history of victory and represent what can be achieved and the Chargers are still developing as a sports team. The Chargers remind me to stay focused.  While I do not feel like I am a Charger anymore, I am also not at a point in my career where I would say I am a Yankee just yet.

So is success more personality or skill set?
A little bit of both are required for success.  Obviously you got to have the skills and know what you are doing but a great personality certainly doesn’t hurt!

So how do you stay positive and incorporate a little fun into the workplace day to day?
My nickname at Z57 is “BAM” because I like to bring the energy.  When I first started in Client Development, I was asked to provide a marketing strategy that could be used at a listing presentation. I my strategy presentation with “BAM, now you have the listing.”  My strategy was solid but the other reps almost died laughing.  I like to  make my work environment memorable and fun. It also helps me to get noticed and getting noticed is central to success

ashleigh 3I love my team and the work that we do for clients.   My role as a motivator and coach to my team members helps make the environment fun. I’ve found that a positive approach adds a lot to the team and  tends to produce the best results.

So what is your idea of a fun time?
I am kind of a nerd and a bit of a klutz, so you will not find me out playing football or baseball.  I am active, love to hike, camp and be outdoors but I also love to read books, watch detective shows or catch a Disney movie.

Winter Marketing Checklist

By Max Barrett, Manager Client Development

The weather outside may be frightful, but having the opportunity to plan and get ahead on your marketing is delightful. Home sales and internet searches may be slowing down, but shorter days means more time is being spent on Facebook and online in general. Boost your brand visibility and increase your top of mind awareness with our nine marketing tips for the winter season.

  1. Keep on Selling
    Send out a one-time email communications to remind your prospects that homes are still selling in winter – often at great prices. Fewer homes on the market means less competition and increased exposure to buyers. Also – if you work in the Sun Belt, the start of winter signals the start of the home selling season. Buyers flocking to warm sunny destinations have a great incentive to buy so be sure to market your properties heavily.

  3. A Winter Facebook Posting Calendar
    Shorter days mean Facebook users are spending more time on the couch spending more hours on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter. Keep your fans in the know on all the local holiday news – including information on community events or great places to view holiday lights. Want to try something new? Check out the article on how to use Vine, a fun new app that helps you create short social videos.

  5. Get Involved in the Community
    The holiday season offers so many fun opportunities to connect with people.  One highly successful agent in Pasadena, CA hosts a breakfast with Santa every year. Kids can enjoy some delicious breakfast and sit on Santa’s lap to go over their wish list. Come up with a fun holiday themed event and spread the word to your prospects to generate a crowd. Make sure to mention that all our welcome so you get those valuable referrals.

  7. Testimonials
    Last month we recommend that you clean up your listings on your website by featuring your sold listings in a separate sold gallery. Once you’ve gotten that done, make sure you have a testimonial from all those valuable clients. Of course you can email or phone them to ask for a their feedback, but for the best testimonial here is what you do:

    • Phone your client to let them know you’d like to stop by to drop something off.
    • Fill a decorative plate with warm cookies right out of the oven.
    • Speed to your clients house (you don’t want cold cookies – but be safe!).
    • The warm gooey chocolate will melt hearts, then as you are admiring the warm holiday décor, ask for a quick video testimonial.
    • Using your smartphone take a few pictures and capture a short video of the client in their new home.
    • Post the results on your website, blog, and social channels. Be sure to send a quick email thanking your clients when the testimonial goes live on the web. You could also offer a small reward for any referrals they send in 2014.


  8. Contact Clean-Up
    It’s time to clean up your book of business!  As you are going through your leads:

    • Add any relevant notes to the lead file.
    • Include personal information about their family, pets, important dates, etc.
    • Do not delete any leads unless both the number and email are incorrect.
    • If you have never spoken to one of your leads, try to look them up by name and email on Facebook and LinkedIn to get more information.
    • If you are using PropertyPulse, label new prospects, clients, hot, warm and cold leads by using the customization grouping feature.

    With that work done, the most successful agents will develop an email and calling strategy to maximize their opportunity in 2014.


  10. Invite New Contacts to “Like” Your Facebook Page
    As you meet new people and business contacts, be sure they know about your business page. Log into Facebook and use the Build Audience tool to upload email contacts and invite them to like your page. You can also send a personal email for best results.

  12. Add Holiday Cheer to Your Facebook Page
    With the Cover Image Creator in PropertyPulse it is easy to add that touch of winter festivities to your Facebook page. If you need some help or have an awesome idea of your own, contact our ZPro OnDemand Team and we can assist you in making it happen.

  14. The Winter Call Campaign
    Calling to check in with all you website leads, referrals, prospects and past clients may sound daunting, but it really isn’t if you are organized. The goal is to let everyone know that you are thinking about them and if they have any real estate related question you are there to help.  Mostly, you will be leaving a voicemail, but if someone does pick up your call, your message should still be the same.  Here’s what to say:

    Hi [Contact’s Name], this is [Your Name] your local real estate expert. Happy Holidays & a prosperous New Year! 2014 will continue to be favorable to sellers.  If you are plan on or even just thinking about selling your home, call me!  We will plan it all out so you know when to sell and I will walk you through my winning marketing plan. If you are just curious to find out what homes in the neighborhood sold for visitwww.YourDomain.com(Click to Play Recording)

    Call five different contacts every day. If your are calling Monday through Friday in December and January, you should be able to dial out to 225 contacts over the 45 working days. To manage this process, create a group in PropertyPulse called “Winter Outreach”. If you successfully implemented the Fall Calling Strategy you should also have three status options: “Not Contacted”, “Left Voicemail”, “Contacted”. Assign any leads you identify as good targets for this campaign to your custom group with the status of “Not Contacted”. Be sure to include all the leads not touched by the Fall Calling Strategy.  Every day call 5 and set the status to “Left Voicemail” or “Contacted” should you have the opportunity to speak personally with the contact. This simple and effective strategy is the best way to personally stay in touch!


  16. Chat with Your ZPro Personal Marketing Coach
    If you are not meeting with your ZPro™ Personal Marketing Coach at least twice a quarter, your missing out on tremendous opportunity to maximize your online results. A quick 15 minute assessment meeting to review your stats and triumphs, identify areas of improvement and keep you informed of all the resources available to you can give you lots of ideas on how to enhance your success. Make sure your ZPro’s direct dial extension and email address so you can contact them directly.

5 Steps to Vine Success

1.  Get to the Point:
You have 6 seconds… go! …and you’re done.  Be creative and fun, but make sure you don’t beat around the bush – unless you’re using your 6 seconds to
show different views of the rose bushes.

3.  Show Off Your Properties:
Use a vine video to either highlight one amazing feature of your property, or use it to tease your audience with artistic views of different areas of the property.

3.  Syndicate to Other Networks:
If you are looking to get followers to vine, try pulling some towards you by having your videos posted to facebook and twitter.

4.  Have a Short, but Interesting Description:
Let the video speak for itself.  Keep it simple! Vine is made for short attention spans.  Its not necessary to list every single detail about the home.  Highlight the best parts about it.

5.  Hashtags:
Again, keep it simple.  You don’t want to go overboard with the hashtags.  2 or 3 should be the most you should use on Vine.  Keep them relevant  to the type of video you are posting.  [Animation, Beach, Name of your city, etc]

Be sure to have fun with it! To get the most exposure, you want to be re-vined – meaning you want people to share your videos with other people.  Your crazy neighbor saying hi to the camera is boring, but making your crazy neighbor perform a hidden talent has potential to be shared by other people…thus expanding your reach!

Message from the ZPro News Desk

Is everyone else as excited about daylight savings week as I am? Nothing beats gaining that extra hour of sleep! Especially after gorging on too much Halloween candy…

As we all prepare for the transition into the holiday season, it’s important to make sure that you continue to focus on your business. As business slows down a bit, it’s a great time to go through your website and makes sure everything is current, evaluate your marketing campaigns to make sure you’re getting the best results and put a solid business marketing plan in place for 2014. If you need help with any of these things – we’re here to support you. This month’s issue will focus on all the tools, training, coaching and support you have access to here at Z57.

Click the links below to learn more!
Meet Your Personal Marketing Coach
Training On Your Schedule
Check Out the NEW Help Center
Z57 Spotlight: Client Development Coach Lars Kappler
Success Tip: Finding Leads on Facebook
November Social Posting Tips
Wacky Listing of the Month

ZPro Spotlight: Lars Kappler

By Max Barrett, Client Development Manager

LarsFor this month’s spotlight, I sat down with Lars Kappler, our newly promoted OnDemand Team Leader. Lars started with Z57 as a Social Media Sales Consultant and then transitioned our service department as an OnDemand Representative.  In just 10 short months, Lars’ exemplary product knowledge, detailed attention to customer issues and support of newer OnDemand Reps made it obvious that he is a departmental superstar.

You moved to San Diego from back east right?
Yeah, I was born and grew up in Philadelphia – attending Father Judge High School then Temple University.  While growing up in Philadelphia I became a huge Flyers fan (Hockey) and I absolutely love Philly Cheese Steaks.  I make it a point to have a Philly Cheese Steak at least once a week.  After graduating Temple University, I joined Air Wisconsin Airlines as a Flight Attendant.

What inspired you to become a Flight Attendant?
The ability to travel excited me.  I love traveling and exploring new cities and cultures.  I have visited eight European countries including Italy, France, Belgium, England, Portugal and Germany.  Also in the five years I worked with a domestic airline, I was able to explore the United States.  Thus far I have visited 35 of the 50 United States.

What were some of the things you learned as a Flight Attendant?
We flew CRJ-200, nothing too impressive in terms of aircraft but it seats 50 and gets you there.  However, when you are traveling a lot – you realize that  life can be a bit challenging.  I quickly realized that I enjoyed solving problems and offering up solutions and after five years as a Flight Attendant I decided that I wanted to explore teaching.

So how did you end up in San Diego?
The weather in San Diego attracted me.  It is like paradise here and it is within close proximity to the happiest place on Earth.

The happiest place on Earth?
I am a bit of a Disney fan. I go to Disneyland 2-3 times a month and have an annual pass. I try to get all of my friends to get annual passes as well.  I love the characters and the movies.

Do you have a favorite character and attraction at Disneyland?
I collect Disneyland pins, so you can guarantee I am at Disneyland every weekend a new pin is released.  Aladdin is my favorite movie, but Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess.  As for the rides, Splash Mountain is the best!

So how does Z57 compare to Disneyland?
Z57, like Disneyland, has the stuff dreams are made of.  At Disneyland, the “stuff” is imagination and at Z57 the “stuff” is our core values.  Both companies value hard work, positive and inspiring attitudes and having fun.  You can never rest on your laurels and you must always have big dreams.

Meet Your Personal Marketing Consultant

Have you ever wished you had one consistent person you could reach out to with all your marketing questions? Now you do.  Our Z57 Academy and Client Development teams are excited to announce that you have now been assigned your own Personal Marketing Consultant.

A Personal Consultant? For me?!
Yes! Now you have one individual you can contact to assist you with generating results from your Z57 products and service.  Your consultant will get to know you, your business and your marketing goals and can help you evaluate what you’re already doing with your marketing to generate even better results. Your consultant is also your accountability buddy – helping you stay accountable on consistently implementing strategies that will allow you to produce the best results.


Charlee – PMC

A ZPro Personal Marketing Consultant like myself has been assigned to you and your account.  We are working on reaching out to all of our clients to introduce ourselves, check in and see how you’re doing and provide our contact information so you can reach us for any marketing related questions or strategy advice. I just got a great email from a client a couple days ago saying, “Since I talked to Charlee, Iv’ve increased the fans on by business page by more than 100 new likes!” Nothing makes me feel better than hearing success stories!

“If my client are not successful, then I am not successful” says Jamie Fiscus, ZPro Personal Marketing Consultant.  As a ZPro Personal Marketing Consultant, my goals are:

  1. To help you maximize your marketing dollars
  2. To make sure you have an amazing client experience at Z57

You will work together with your PMC to build a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your specific marketing goals as efficiently as possible. Once you’re off and running, your PMC will reach out to you periodically to check in and see how everything is going, give you advice on how to boost your results and to answer any questions you have.

“Being a ZPro Personal Marketing Consultant is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Z57.  I love what I can do for my clients.” says Bill Corcoran, a 10 year veteran of Z57 social media and internet marketing coaching.

In addition to their consulting role, our PMCs also present the highly popular ZPro Interactive Webcasts.  Our webcasts and newly launched Help Center are key resources in training you on the proven, results driven strategies of the Z57 Academy.

If you have not already spoken with your ZPro PMC, call us at 800-899-8148 X 5 or email us at welcome@Z57.com to find out who you’re assigned to.  We will be happy to set up an introduction call to learn more about you and your marketing needs.  Come prepared to discuss you objective with your Z57 service and your expectations for results and we will work with you to design a plan.