$96 Million Online Real Estate Deal Breaks All Previous Records

96 Million Real Estate Purchase of Manhattan Towers - Largest Online Transaction EverLargest e-commerce Transaction of Any Kind. Ever.
The $96 online purchase of the Manhattan Towers office buildings in the Manhattan Beach area of Los Angeles, CA late last month was the single largest e-commerce transaction of any kind ever, and was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

Z57 real estate agents and brokers see an increasingly higher % of real estate marketing being done online in the past 10 years, and now some types of real estate transactions are being done completely online. The $96 million Manhattan Towers purchase was an auction for a commercial property, which makes it much different than a traditional residential real estate deal. And while this trend is growing most residential transactions will never be 100% online. But any record-breaking real estate deal is always great to hear about!

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Boston Hits Record High Total Real Estate Value of $100 Billion

Boston Real Estate Hits a Record Total Value of $100 Billion - Boston GlobeBoston’s Real Estate Value Doubles in Just 12 Years

With both the market data and Z57 clients reporting real estate property values rising in almost all regions of the U.S., Boston’s rising values have helped it hit a record new high for the city’s total real estate worth: over $100 Billion. Who are the real winners though? With increased assessment values and property taxes, some area businesses will be feeling the crunch at tax time.

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